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Pet Shop Boys

You Choose Lyrics Pet Shop Boys

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Pet Shop Boys - You Choose Songtext

He's gone, you've lost
Stay behind and count the cost
You try, you loose
You don't fall in love by chance - You choose

It's a decision made overtime
Should you take the risk and start to climb
the steepest hill only to find
halfway there you've been left behind
Choosing to love is risking a lot

And trying to change and to keep all you've got
But don't pretend it comes out of the blue
You take a chance and see it through
And if it's refused what can you do?
Continue hopefully
Start a new

Lick your wounds buy your booze
You won't get drunk by accidental choose
Don't blame him for refusing your bid
He didn't decide to love - you did

Learn the lesson take the blows
You didn't fall in love by chance - you chose
Play the sad songs, sing the blues
You don't fall in love by chance - you chose
You chose
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