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Patti Austin - All Behind Us Now Songtext

Hey, I'm so sorry

that it didn't work the way
that we'd always planned
Hey, I'm so sorry
that you went away
and somehow didn't understand
We pretended for so many years, but now
its time to wash away my tears

Cause/And it's all behind us now
cause we've learned to live somehow without

each other
And its easy to see, it ain't never
gonna be the same again
And its all behind us now
cause we found a way to live without

each other
And in time we'll have to see
If its ever gonna be that way again
Hey, I'm so sorry
that I couldn't find the words

that might have made you stay
and hey, it's so funny
how we both can say the same thing in a
different way
We pretended for so many years
but now its over baby
and so are my tears
I was holdin' out for far too long
But now I finally found where I belong
repeat to fade.
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