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Gee Whittakers Lyrics Pat Boone


Pat Boone - Gee Whittakers Songtext

Gee Whittakers! All you want to do is play.
Jiminy Crickets! Youll never get no lovin that way.

Holy Smoke! Dont ya ever wanna kiss?
Gee Whittakers! Look at all the fun well miss.

Heebie Jeebies! Baby what you gonna do?
Holy Cow! I never seen nobody like you.

Gee Whittakers! You never give me a chance.
Jeepers Creepers! All you wanna do is dance.

Doggone It! Aint you gonna ever stop?
Gee Whittakers! Youre gonna make be blow my top.

Jumpin Jupiter! Save that energy,
Sufferin Catfish! Youll have nothin left for me.

Gee Whittakers! Baby, dont you give a dime?
By Crackety! Come on, lets have a time.

Doggone It! Youre just a little gadabout.
Gee Whittakers! Come on and knock me out.

Oh Shucks.

You n me.

Gee Whittakers.

Come on and knock me out!
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