Paddy Goes To Holyhead

My Belfast Lyrics Paddy Goes To Holyhead

Paddy Goes To Holyhead - My Belfast Songtext

My Belfast

Have you ever been to Belfast City
near the county Down
Have you seen the famous River Lagan
and all the views of that fine town
Have you heard about her beauties
have you heard about her pain
Oh that's my Belfast where I remain

Take a sight of the Stormont House
cross Queens-Bridge and Oxford Street
The Albert Memorial Clock Tower
see the Custom House by feet
Walk along the Dublin Road
Up to the Ulster Hall
Oh that's my Belfast I can't recall

But don't forget the Falls Road people
and the office of Sinn Fein
Walk into the Divis Flats
feel the anger and the pain
See the mothers with their little babies
and the big crowd on the dole
Oh, that's my Belfast my heart and soul

But see the troops of a foreign nation
they are ready to defeat
And see the guards and the patrol dodge
watch the armoured cars in the street
And see those rubbre-bullets fly
burst into your head
Oh that's my Belfast my great regret

Do you remember Henry Joy
and little Bobby Sands
The UDA, the Black And Tans
and the crazy reverend
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