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Die-Oh-Niceez Lyrics P.T. Grimm


P.T. Grimm - Die-Oh-Niceez Songtext

I'm ^$%##@!$^% this to (%&$^&#
I am unsuitable for adults, I'm fucking offensive, so $$$$$ shadow where's my *&^!
Motherfucker? We hide in your #@$*$ with cameras implanted in our heads, and watch
You while you *&#% and %#@!. The church of Mr. &%**!#&, such a simple gesture,
Made me a man while saliva dripped off my face. I am the 1 and not really 2 involved, but
I appreciate the jiggle none the less.
(Two lines left out to piss you off)
I invoke thee unto...
Here he comes. Beware.
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