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We Love to Love Lyrics P.M. Simpson


P.M. Simpson - We Love to Love Songtext

Hey, Tracey, I got somethin' to tell you...
Hey, listen!

Since you've been gone Pm
I've been feelin' sad and blue
Just watching video
And dreaming 'bout you Simpson
By the telephone, all alone
Thinking 'bout the hours and days And
Before you come home
I'm a part of you,
You're a part of me, Double
That's not fiction, that's reality

Without you in my life, it's not complete Key
You're my water and the air that I breathe
Lonely nights, lonely days, We
I need you in my life each and every way
Minus you I'm half, Love
Plus you I'm whole
You're the something in my body and soul, To
My love

I love to love
I love the way you love me Songtexte
We love to love
We love to love each other
I love to love Songtext
I love the way you love me now,
Love the way you love me now Lyrics

As I look to the stars
In the heavens above,
You're the only one Lyric
That I'm really thinking of
You're the only one for me, Liedertexte
Don't you see?
Without you in my life
It's just so empty! Liedertext
You're my fantasy, my ecstasy
You're my Tracey, my epidemy! Alle
My love...

I love to love...

Well, Tracey? Hey yeah... I know it is so far away, Pm
you're in New York, I'm in California... Yeah, I'm missing Simpson
ya... Yeah, I know, we love to love... That's what's so And
special about it... Hey, I'll call you tommorow, OK? Yeah, Double

I love to love...

As I look to the stars Key
In the heavens above
You're the only one
That I'm really thinking of We
The way you make me feel is unbelievable
Our love is strong, indestructable Love
Say it's the proof
Say it's the fact
We love to love, let's never turn back To
Minu syou I'm half,
Plus you I'm whole
You're the something in my body and soul, Songtexte
My love!

I love to love...
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