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Crazy Thang (Interlude) Lyrics P. Diddy


P. Diddy - Crazy Thang (Interlude) Songtext

Come on now

Sometimes I just
Get out ya
Diddy I just feel so confused
No don't do that
I just wanna know how you feel
Crazy Don't do it
I love you
Mother fucker do you know what you've done
Thang I've always needed you
But I really love her
You see, love is a crazy thing
Interlude At first it feels so good
And you would think
Songtexte it last forever
But then it also hurts so bad
You know somethin',
Songtext I hate ya fuckin' guts
Leave me the fuck alone
Then what you do
Lyrics Do you give up?
Or do you believe?
I'll always love you
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