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Pink and Blue Lyrics Outkast


Outkast - Pink and Blue Songtext

Age ain't nothin'but a number,
nothin'but a number(3x)

Pretty pink, Baby Blue
Why don't you teach me somethin'new
We're all just babys in my view
So crawl baby...crawl baby

(Vers 1):
Miss lady,you could have been born a little later
But I don't care,so what if your head sports a couple of gray hairs
Same here,and actually I think it's funky,in a Claire Huxtable-type way
Miss Lady, it looks to me like you need a little juice in your life
Call me when that big ol'house gets lonely-fied
And I'll teleport from here to there
You show me how it's supposed to be done
I'll make sure you have young fun

(Vers 2):
You're sophisticated,just me and Miss Lady
You've got me talkin' like a baby (You make me talk baby-talk)
She's sophisticated (You make me talk baby-talk)
Just me an Miss Lady (She makes me talk Baby-talk)
Got me talkin'like a baby
(Like "Ga-ga" and "goo-goo", oh mama!)
You're sophisticated (Make me talk Baby-talk)
Just me and Miss Lady (You're so experienced)
Got me talkin'like a baby
(Teach me somethin'new...Teach me somethin'new)
You're sophisticated
Just me and Miss Lady
You got me talkin'like a baby
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