Orange Blue

So Beautiful Lyrics Orange Blue


Orange Blue - So Beautiful Songtext

the way that she smiles
opens doors
and makes you stop to breathe
ad with every word
that she says
she awakes the sun in me
it feels like words that start to sing
like every autumn turns to spring
it feels like you're the only one
you're so beautiful
that I come alive
you're so wonderful
you made up my mind
you're so powerful
that's all I can say
you're so colourful
in every way
she's got a spell
around her
she knows which way is right
oh I won't survive
without her
she keeps me so alive
it feels like tears begin to smile
like the whole world stops for a while
it feels like love in the purest way
you're so beautiful...
it feels like lightning in my vains
like a million ants beneath my skin
I feel a blaze inside me
all that I know now is more than I can believe
you're so beautiful...
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