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Amelie Lyrics Orange Blue

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Orange Blue - Amelie Songtext


so attentive, yet so shy
I can see it in your eyes
when you smile and bend your head
you complete what we have had

I see your tender, mellow hands
how they move in innocence
without words you open hearts
I'm so proud to love you

there are so many intentions in your eyes
every day you realize
another part of being
curiosity is telling you not to stay
in a word: you're on your way

with every step you make me smile
you enjoy every trial
so alive, intuitive
so truthful and sensitive

your attraction is a spell
if you'll ask me I will tell
every story of my life
and I know you'll get it

Amelie ?

I'll respect you all along
so I wrote this little song
to tell you more than I can say
if you need me I'll stay

I'm so proud to love you

Amelie ?

you're the reason why the world
is alive and on the move
so attractive, full of joy
you've got nothing to prove
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