Will You Ever Know Me Lyrics Opus

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Opus - Will You Ever Know Me Songtext

You Called Me Up
In The Middle Of The Night
I Was Surprised
To Hear Your Voice On The Phone
5000 Miles Between You And Me
You Told Me Baby
I Want You To Come Home
But I Had Come So Far,
I Was Waiting So Long
And I Chose The Life,
That I Wanna Take
My Independence Is The Air That I Breathe
And I Can't Give It All Up
Just Give It All Up For Your Sake

Will You Ever Know Me
Will I Ever Change My Mind
Can We Share Each Others Hearts
In Knowing Our Love
Must Be Open To Time

Will You Ever Trust Me
And Believe Me That I Care
Is It Just Your Cautions Heart,
That Gives You The Trouble
Baby Why Don't You Dare

And I Called Through The Night,
Across The Sea
Over The Mountains And Trees
With The Wind Through The Rain
Along The Alleys And Lanes,
Across The Fields And The Hills
Will It Ever Reach In

And Will You Ever Know Me
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