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One Man Army Album

Downtown Lights Lyrics One Man Army


One Man Army - Downtown Lights Songtext

he left for the stars on the streets with six strings a song in his head and three chords in his heart well they all gave him six months at most he'd be right back right back at home [chorus] but his names in the marquis lights tonight Hollywood the kid with a one track mind born to lose rock bottom couldn't hold him to his fate's own making he stands alone with a bottle far far from home ten years later he wakes up there's a new face on TV he's got a job as an extra and a guitar with two strings anything he's ever wanted has eluded him in the end he ain't done no he ain't done he left for the stars on the streets for home he'd need some time on his own but he'd never forget those same three chords he'll be back just like before [repeat chorus]
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