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It's Not Me - It's You Lyrics Olsen Twins


Olsen Twins - It's Not Me - It's You Songtext

What a great dress
What a great hat
Look at these shoes
They go perfect with that
When I put them on they don't look as they should
But how come on you, it looks so good on you?
It's not me but it sure is you
It's not me but it's you
I tried it on but there's nothing I can do
It's just not me but it sure is you!
How do you like this trendy dress?
I really like it, but I confess
It's not my color
I'd rather wear blue
But, oh my, gosh it looks great on you
(What do you think?)
Well, it's not my color
(What do you think?)
It looks better on her
(What do you think?)
Well I tried everything on in this store
Let's go find some more
It sure is you
It's just not me
But it sure is you!
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