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Same Situation Lyrics Oliver Onions


Oliver Onions - Same Situation Songtext

Take a look around you
If you have got the time to breathe now
feel the people restless too

and the politicians preaching
but they are really ain't no deal so
politician carry on

Same Situation
Same Situation

But when you where younger
when you had the time to think boy
wasn't it better than today

Then all wars were stories
that your daddy used to tell you
til they sent you to da-nang

Same Situation
Same Situation

You fight for yours country
You never forgot to fight
Never forgot to use a weapon
Never forgot to fight a good fight
Never forgot to fight

Same Situation
Same Situation

There were lines of soldiers
That were standing all around you
Fighting for the same old cause

For equality and freedom
And the brotherhood of man boy
It is the same old trip my friend

Same Situation
Same Situation
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