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When Rosemarie is dancing Lyrics Nonstop R & J Country-Band


Nonstop R & J Country-Band - When Rosemarie is dancing Songtext

When Rosemarie is dancing
(Text & Musik: Rosalia & Jürg Ziegler-Willi)

I saw her last evening she moved over the ground
so easy and gentle there's magic around,
she looked really happy so joyful and calm
the whole room was crowded with Rosemarie's charm

We are playing the music and ask you to dance
and soon everybody is taking the chance,
they like to copy you and follow your step
they try really hard till their t-shirts get wet

When Rosemarie is dancing everybody stands in line,
when Rosemarie is dancing I tell you, that looks fine,
when Rosemarie is dancing with her thoughts far in space
then she glides right into her heavenly space
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