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It was you Lyrics Nonstop R & J Country-Band


Nonstop R & J Country-Band - It was you Songtext

It was you
(Text & Musik: Rosalia & Jürg Ziegler-Willi)

I made a shopping tour around the town
and I walked down all alone
Behind the windows there were many clothes
I would love to put them on

So I went inside to try them out
and talk about the price
the colours were pretty, the cotton soft
and they look so cute and nice

It was that look in the mirror that curdled my blood
And I was shocked like never before
What I saw wasn't nice, almost broke my heart
I was sad and it made me sore

I saw you, I saw her, that just wouldn't be bad
If you two would stay apart
But you held each others hands and that
was nearly breaking my heart

It was you, you broke my heart, you made me sad
Because you're everything I have
And it was you I always trusted in every way
And now our love will fade away
it was you, I thought we could grow old and grey
It was you, what can I do?.
You're the man of my life, my dream come true
Always you, so what can I do

It was you, you broke my heart, you made me sad ?
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