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Hey, be quiet Lyrics Nonstop R & J Country-Band


Nonstop R & J Country-Band - Hey, be quiet Songtext

Hey, be quiet
(Text & Musik: Rosalia & Jürg Ziegler-Willi)

Hey, be quiet, just calm down
don't be funny like a clown,
this and more I heard some million times before

Now slow down and stay cool
don't go crazy like a fool,
that's the way you'll win most every little war

I watch the children like they're playing,
listen to the words they're saying,
not just the one who's talking loud
must be the winner,
but sometimes you have to fight
for your point of view and right,
you're not the onely one who starts as a beginner

Hey, be quiet?????????..

Now slow down ????????
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