Fill You up Lyrics Nelson


Nelson - Fill You up Songtext

You can't deny it
It's the same empty feeling, day after day
You've been waiting forever
For someone to come and take you away
I understand how it feels to be lonely
Like it's you against the world
But if you come take my hand we can face it together
Oh I give you my word
I can take you to heaven
Come along for the ride

Let me fill you up with love tonight
Give you all of my love
Fill you up and make you come alive
I know you feel like giving up
But now, is the time
To open up your wings and fly high
So let me fill you up with love tonight
I know it ain't easy
It seems out of reach and beyond your control
But don't you give up on dreaming
Don't settle for less when you want so much more
Open your eyes up to what you've been missing
Life's been passing you by
But if you follow your heart it will all come together
So stop your cying
Oh - I can lead you to heaven
Come along for the ride

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