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Saturdays Lyrics Nelly Furtado

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Nelly Furtado - Saturdays Songtext

Hot motel
Stuffy inside
I know well
These eleven walls
Hot black tar
I tan my legs
Rest my heart
And dream of the city

Magazine and diet coke
I'm not a joke
This is me
Damaged leg
Heavy cart
Plastic cups
Linen mart

Rock garden
Where I used to play
People stare
Part of their day
Coffee break
Lunch at noon
Pumpernickel steak
Green and orange room

Done my list
I make my way
To help my mother
End her day
Fresh cut grass
parking lot
We roll on out
We got a lot

We're on our way
Roll the window down
And scream out loud
We're tired now

Take it home
Stop on the way
To the bakery
For some fruit and cake
At home I lay
After a shower clean
I hit my head
And I dream
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