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Necro - Morbid Songtext

My practical solution to schmucks beefing is sinking my teeth in the flesh of your neck like Dracula seducing sluts
And bite a piece of flesh off, but now you could have aids, I'd rather make you a cadaver with blades
I write the following raps to you cats that bite swallow and jack, and recite rhymes on the mic without acknowledging facts
I won't be reluctant to pull out the knife tucked in, my waste up in the place, leave it stuck in your face, fuck em
I find it difficult, to not be despicable to minds that are typical
Fuck financial assistance, a man's existence revolves around survival that evolves into a hustler with substantial business
My attitude is improper, like a skin popper, sticking a blade on the top of a skull of an imposter
Since created at birth I've hated the earth, living in a society of anxiety makes it worse

(Chorus) 2x
Like Mordrid holding a chainsaw kid ready to do a gore bid
We keep it morbid
Off some more shit, get your jaw split with blood dripping outta your forehead

Its worth while, for you to peep a verse that‘s vile, you could learn something from watching a perverted person's style
My versatile verses are like curses that give you wild urges to worship belile
Beef with me you cant stay the same, you'll have to change your name, change your sex, rearrange your frame
Take a plane to somewhere strange if you plan on keeping your cranium containing your brain
Your fucking dome will give in, with the tourniquet wrapped around you
You're underground kid, you‘re the artist formerly known as living
You're the past like yesterday, blast your chest away, your positive HIV test is gay
And stop hip hopping, you're dick jocking, you stick cock in your mouth and rock chick stockings
So die, its all about evil raps and weapons, money and sluts, and gats strapped by the intestines

Chorus 2x
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