Neal Casal

Too Much to Ask Lyrics Neal Casal


Neal Casal - Too Much to Ask Songtext

Can you remember the way it used to be
Rest stops and breakdown lanes and rain
Were all we would need
To call it a day
We didn't need much to say
To explain it away
They're opening doors for me all over town
It's just too bad that I won't be around
Plain Jane send me flowers or a postcard
I won't turn you down again
Oh, you say it ain't warm enough
But man, I'm just burning up
I'm going down with the dust

But is it too much to ask of you ?
Am I moving too fast ?
Did I come back too soon ?
Is it too much to ask of you ?

Sometimes just being alive is enough
The money don't matter to me
Just send me your love
I'm leaving as the crow flies
I'm coming, we don't even need to talk
About anything, we can just let it ring
There's so much I could bring
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