Neal Casal

No One Said a Word Lyrics Neal Casal


Neal Casal - No One Said a Word Songtext

Whatever happened to you my friend
That you could come back here again
Last time I saw you, you looked so sure
We passed each other, but no one said a word

You're holding something inside your heart
You play it cool, cause that's what you are
You've been believing all that you've heard
You didn't listen; no one said a word

You say you're lucky to be alive
The life you've led, you shouldn't have survived
Your friends all gathered to watch you burn
They should have told you, but no one said a word

So now it's over, you are all but gone
You wonder how it went so wrong
You lost a little, the lines got blurred
It's too late to listen, cause no one says a word
No one says a word
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