Neal Casal

Delaware Station Lyrics Neal Casal

Neal Casal - Delaware Station Songtext

There used to be a place to go
But that was 10 years ago
Look at how the time has flown
The people that we used to know
Have packed their things and all moved on
Look at how the time has flown

The carnival is back in town
The boarding house on main street
Is all torn down

The records that we used to play
We thought we'd never have our way
But now we've got it
And so much more

Tattooed arms and pickup trucks
We thought we'd never have such luck
But now we've got it

My best friend just got back to town
He's got some scores to settle
No, I can't let him down
No, I just can't let him down

I do believe I've got it made
I'm cooling off in the shade
Of the pine trees in your yard

The Delaware's-a-down the hill
The water there's a lonely thrill
You best not go it alone

You're living for that bordertown
So cry your tears tomorrow
Cause we're going down
We're going down
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