Blue Lyrics Natural


Natural - Blue Songtext

After what I said I'm sorry
Can't believe I said we're through
Don't know what got into me girl
Guess I'm just a crazy fool

Saw you standing by his side
Oh why
Giving him you sexy smile
Don't deny it
Lost me temper, lost my mind
Oh why
Guess I'm just a jealous guy

Ooo, baby I'm so blue without you
Forgive me girl
Ooh cause I don't wanna loose you
Oo baby and I don't know what to do,
I want you back I'm so in love with you

If I don't see you again
I'll regret it till the end
So I hope you'll understand
Oh why
I just wanna be your only man


So I sit here and pray
Get on the phone girl
Call me today

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