Tell Me Honey Why (feat. Nana Kolota & Karin Maaßen) - Single Album

Why Lyrics Nana


Nana - Why Songtext

you got a problem I think you very curios about my biz
you wanna solv'em sit down relax and me take you
to a level that you neverbeen before
when I told you that i'll score motherfuckers now
you trippin' you want some more
aint't nobody who can hold me back
I am commin' with the entire force of the universe
to attack jack I know you shakin'
meet me at eight tommorrow mornin' by the buffet with eggs
and bacon
ask yourself why does a brother look so fresh
i'll tell you straight from my chest
nana abrokwa middlename honest
guided by a whole nation of peeps angels by my side yes!
praise the lord you better be ready and believe
as time flies by we multiply to reach a level high
but why on earth we fuss and curse you're leavin' anyway
without a purse

why why do all my brothers die
tell me why oh why do all my friends pass away
why why does it hurt so bad
i cry all night and I feel so sad

why (2)

a matter of fact I am tiered everyday playin' hide and seek
follow follow me as long as you can see me
many many many many miles
flava in your ear ask why and i'll tell you what it's all about
why do we sweat to live and what do we die for
beginnin' from the see saw til'i get old on my knees ya'll
let me do my thing i've been kicked in my ding ding
why must I bleed to suceed but I guess it's a test
prove what you don't you stop you stop til' you drop you can't flop
put it without a duobt on the spot
be aware not surprised when you fall down
don't ask why so many questions to be answered
blamin' one another the result might be cancer
keepin' tight no fuss about our lessons
let the lord guide your life and there'll be no second guessin'
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