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Namnambulu - Pause Songtext

We take a pause
Before we descend
And as the years are passing by
We start again

Please take a pause
We have to amend
Why see the future we are in
repeat again

We hunger for some loving
We do all that we can
We give all our belonging
Before we understand

We celebrate the present
Afraid of our past
We are completely absent
Not sure if we will last

The speed in which we're growing
Can never be sustained
The sum of all we're knowing
Can never be contained

We fight for our living
But there's no one to fight
We drain all that are giving
The goal is out of sight

Like dogs are running circles
We're chasing our own tail
We're actors in a circus
And we are bound to fail

As season follows season
We play our little game
We want to give it reason
But we all do the same
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