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Mr. President - Up'n Away Songtext

Up'n away
We need a place to hide (gonna get up)
Up'n away
We gonna fly so high (gonna get up)
I wanna get away
Wanna get up and get away
I wanna get away
Gonna get up! Gonna get up!
Up'n away

Rap 1:
Souls may fly, visions blur
Deep as any dance track you've heard
Blowin' storms as I tell
Smack in some funk on a dance realm
Blastin' brains he wants in
If you may ask who it is
It's dancefloor knockin'
My subliminal name Sir Prophet
My quest success from the start
Has torn me and my flame apart
But there's a creation by man
That brings us back together again!


Rap 2:
Seconds to minutes, minutes form hours
From days all the way up to weeks
Diving from the time of crime
Slipping down through the hourglass as I speak
Europe and America, thousands of miles
Yes between them two
Creation of man I can fly
Will bring me back to you
No more sad times of passion
Will come back today
Tonight I can feel you
'Cause I can fly up'n away


Finally we've been asked
To shift into a dancing climax
Heavy rain, the deepest snow
Just couldn't stop the sound of dancefloor
Now the flavour flow has hit ya!
So I say best remember the force
That will keep you high
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