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Collapse, collapse
Break it down and take it back
Oppose the pose
Give them something to think about
Give no warnings, give no sympathy
A million motherfuckers, all built for catastrophe
You've made your bed, now sleep in it
Talked a lot of shit but you never lived up to it
You like the game, then take the pain
Arsenal of anger and a hate for authority

I don't even care no more
I'm watching the world collapse around me
I don't even care no more
I'm watching you all collapse

Collapse, collapse
Well here we go again
A different kind of killer with a brand new initiative
A social rape, you like to take
You stole control, benefited on apathy
You fear the light, but want the life
Not allowed to touch it, but it's dangling in your sight
Look past yourself, too blind to see
Every single person owns a different reality



Collapse 3x
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