Good Girl Down Lyrics Morcheeba


Morcheeba - Good Girl Down Songtext


You can't keep a good girl down.
No you can't keep a good girl down,
I've been lsot and found,
No you can't keep a good girl down.

Verse One

Roll out that fat red carpet,
So I can walk,
Hook up those microphones,
So I can talk,
I could be the mayor,
Of the city,
And clean up all this mess,
I'd never be assassinated,
In my bulletproof vest.

Verse Two

I'm taking the corners,
Driving on two wheels,
I'm climbing the cliff tops,
While you're grabbing my heals.

Verse Three

A roundhouse kick,
Would leave you dead,
'Cos I would take the biggest jug,
And smash it over your head.
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