Miyavi - Baka no hito deutsche Übersetzung

You always just looked straight ahead
What about me, you ask? I just looked at you
Did you think I'd say, "Look at me"?
I liked looking at your profile
(About the only time you looked at me
Was when we were having sex)

Goodbye, stupid
I'll become one of those girls
You always turned to look at when we were out on a date

You always had someone important
And of course I had only you
Lonely, lonely, lovely
(If I were to stab you right now
Would they call me "his mistress, Ms. A" on the news?)

Goodbye, stupid
Thanks for the pretty lies
Sorry I couldn't pretend to believe them til the end

The first time you called me by my first name
I didn't answer right away
But the truth is, I was so happy I could die
(But when you were drunk and called me some other girl's name
I wanted to kill you)

Goodbye, stupid
I'll give you one last kiss while you're sleeping, bye bye
'Cause I can't break up with you in your dreams

This love is over
And saying this now won't change anything
But if you ever get married
At least tell her she looks nice in her dress, bye
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