Ashita, Genki Ni Naare Übersetzung Miyavi


Miyavi - Ashita, Genki Ni Naare deutsche Übersetzung

(I hope you are happy tomorrow)

And we shall continue to change, without changing.

Rerigou rerigou rerigou~

Lalala, whistling a tune. Next comes Ti and Do. Keep your steps lighthearted, come along, cheerfully.
Walk through the wind with your shoulders high, smiling smugly
And showing off your flat chest

"Don't go away"
You say

But if you ask me
"Why don't you come along?"

It's that simple.
It's not that simple, right?

With spring wind breathin' in a breeze
Doing things like saluting field horsetails
And highfives first thing in the spring.

Unchanging days, to the unchanging past
Unchanging dream, to unchanging tomorrow
Unchanging Me, to unchanging you

Let's stay here like this unchanging, ok?

The same old days, to a past you can't go back to
The dreams you're always chasing, to the tomorrow right before your eyes
A firmly standing me, to a smiling you
Without hesitating, Together...

Just kiddin'

~today, Miyavi-san is talking the talk~
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