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The Final Word Lyrics Metal Church


Metal Church - The Final Word Songtext

Why don't you find a worthwhile cause to channel your energies?
Like finding a solution to starvation and disease
I know that you're concerned about your First Ammendment rights
But don't you burn our flag to make your point, that's just not right
If you think you're better off in a different country
Why don't you pack your bags right now
Here's your ticket
It's on me

I've been around this whole wide world and found no better place
And no one's gonna start a fire in my homeland's face
We have a tendency to take our freedom for granted
We have some problems, yes I know
Look at the seed you've planted

I know that you're aching to be heard
What gives you the famous final word?
To think that your opinion is preferred
What gives you the famous final word?

What other country do you know that pays you without work?
When you need some money, see your welfare officer
There's a lot of other things that you could take a stand about
So you and your activists can take the next train out

I know that you're aching
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