Melissa Etheridge

Feels Like Home Lyrics Melissa Etheridge


Melissa Etheridge - Feels Like Home Songtext

Learning how to smile again
free to show my heart
knowing I can face the things
that used to seem to hard

I look inside your eyes
and see a different part of me
what I didn't know I want
now I've got everything I need

So many things I've been missing not watching
but that was all in the past

Now I realise
there'so much more to learn
I'm ready for the world
not scared of letting go
now I realise
there's so much more to feel
and my heard knows it's real
the part of me so long forgotten
is calling and this feels like home
home, home it feels just like home

Feels just like home

Right from the start been friends forever
Somehow we're meant to be together
I feel like you've shown me howto find my way home
find my way home

Now I realise
Feels just like home
It feels just like home
Feels just like home


Feels like home

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