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Rose Red Lyrics Meek Mill


Meek Mill - Rose Red Songtext

I like my rose red and my diamonds blue
Plus I keep I dime chick like 5 x 2
I said my chick look like a barbie,
closet ferrari
Horses everywhere man I stay fresh like it's a party
I be I be I be kickin' shit like it's karate
When I tell her suck my dick I say make sure you do it sloppy
She said copy she got me say need me say prolly
Keep Louie on my body
zoomies on that Mazarati
With that toolie on the side me try to do me you get bodied
My flow so crazy baby ride that beat like a Bugatti
If she don't sucky sucky then we don't fucky fucky
If I ever ate your pussy shorty you must just be lucky
100 thousand in that tuckie all I know is get this money
I hurry up and throw that paper make it back all on a monday
Uhh she's a 5 x 2 I like my rose red and my diamonds blue
And she was always on my dick before I met or even knew her
I'll be shitin' on all these hatin' rappers like manure
Spit on it sit on it get on it shift on it
Shorty do some shit on it it's like your life depend on it
I be killin' everything and I don't put the pen on it
And it ain't 'bout a damn thing if it ain't 'bout a benjamin
Bad like Trina got an ass like Serena when he asked me I seen her
Said I passed her to the team I ain't see that ho again
Goin out im goin in and if I think that pussy good
Well likely ima go again
Yeah red bottles she got red bottom
Them niggas ain't gettin money why I care about em
We get money and ride hard why dare try it
I throw like 50 on your head that'll bedrock em
A young nigga but I ball hard and tippin those 4s like Paul Wall
I be changin' all them hoes in my call log
These rappers hopin' and prayin' that I fall off
Bottles in the air come and make a toast with the hottest of the year
Yeah hoes see me stopin and they stare
Cause they know I get that money and I'm flyer than a Lear
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