Flamers 2 Album

Intro Lyrics Meek Mill

Album Flamers 2

Meek Mill - Intro Songtext

I'm popping bottle after bottle
Model after model
Maybach, I back up out of it
I live it, you rap about it
Niggas be talking money, really I laugh about it
Cause I'm getting tickets just like the cops when they try to stop us
Stop us cause we be balling
Rappers be [?] foreign
This new rari be retarded, I handicap when I park it
Push button when I start it, these niggas they can't afford it
That foreign, it get imported, I seen it, I went and bought it
I step up in the dealer, feeling like a killer
Banana clip for all you niggas who think you gorilla
Got a couple miller, my life is feeling realer
My son was only one when feel that Chinchilla, ay!

Stunting, you see me balling
Balling, you see me stunting
Stunting, you see me balling
Balling, you see me stunting
Stunting, you see me balling
Balling, you see me stunting
I'm stunting, you see me balling
Talk money, you niggas fronting

Stunting, you see me balling, I'm shitting on niggas
That lambo purr like a cat do, but I ain't kitten my nigga
In the Maybach with Maybach, I'm talking Ricky my nigga
Jesus piece in the Rolex, but ain't no Biggie my nigga
Iced out jewels, spiked out Lou's
50 thou field, thinking I might not lose
At the table in Vegas, I'm out with players, we caking
Where I stay at is acres, so now my neighbors are [?]
I'm getting money, I'm getting to it
And all that shit you niggas talking, I really do it
I remember I was walking, just put me through it
And then I got a couple million, I really knew it
But check me out cause I be stunting and balling
I'm balling and stunting on niggas
Let them suckers keep hating
I keep on fucking their bitches
And their bitches be rolling, they want to fuck with a nigga
Because they know that I'm triller, boy I'm a microphone killer
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