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I'm the Shit Lyrics Meek Mill


Meek Mill - I'm the Shit Songtext

Chilling in the cut higher than a Louis tag
When I see them biddies I remind them of a Gucci bag
Cause they want me and they need me
I'm like Seymour, feed me
I'm getting money believe me
Hoes want to fuck the kid cause I'm on T.V
Diamonds in my neck, check [?]
Shades on wonder where I got that from Stevie
We be anywhere them motherfucking keys be
Easy I make it look
Bad bitch gon' take a look
Dawg I'm on another page I might as well just make a book
Niggas that can spit but never ever could they make a That's why they can't stand it, and I'm in demanding
Boss shit raw shit I could get your man hit
I put bread all over that beef like a sandwhich

I'm the shit
Check out my swag, look at my pockets, and do the math
We getting money you doing bad
I see in these niggas faces that they mad
Cause I'm the shit I'm the shit I'm the shit I'm the shit
Ya I'm the shit I'm the shit I'm the shit I'm the shit
I'm the shit I'm the shit I'm the shit I'm the shit
Ya I'm the shit I'm the shit I'm the shit I'm the shit

I make them sick make 'em make 'em sick
Get your get your money daddy gon' make it flip
I'm the shit take a sniff
On point Mama Swiff
And I shine brighter than a time piece on my wrist
Use a window washer I advise it
Swisher in a wrapper under my [?]
Insane in the brain I need a psychiatrist
All this hating that they doing going to make me get violent
Still stunting so you better believe it cause I told you
Fuck a nigga [?] money tricking shit we don't do
Fuck them niggas get the money type of shit we toast to
Louis you should brag about I been here they my old shoes
Ha, y'all late like old news
Trash ass won't stop stink like Young Pooh
Pewh, me and Meek still killing it
Y'all keep screaming y'all the shit but we for real with it

I hopped up out the cell swagging
Pull up in the 550 looking like a wagon
I be spitting fire plus I'm flyer than a dragon
When they mention competition I be laughing
I'm the shit where my toilet paper at
They was hating when I was down now where all of them haters at
Now I'm back up on that G shit
Filling up like three clip
See me in the streets they switch the words like its a remix
Uh, I hit bitches like Chris Brown
I'm king of my city just waiting to get crowned
You highness, I'm as hot as a volcano
Give your bitch pipe work like drain though
Aye ho, I roll in then roll out
That pounds in the old house
Shit I'm like the fire man cause I bring them hose out
Every time I'm partying, wrist wear be Cartier
Shining for the audience they watch me like an audience
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