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Catch Me If You Can Lyrics Max Mutzke


Max Mutzke - Catch Me If You Can Songtext

Oh you fill my life with sunshine
Then you fill my heart with rain
You take me on a journey
From which there's no return
And if you'd like to meet me babe, babe
Darlin' please beware
Because your love is over
But to me it's still the same

You better save your love, love, love
For the one you love
Take your time to think it over
and make a brand new start
You better take care, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Of your own despair
And when my life is over
Then catch me if you can

You know I'm a river
A river that never runs dry
I'm just like the water
A raindrop in disguise
I would never leave you
Darlin' I couldn't stand, no
Being here without you sugar
Cause you're my promise land

You better...

Tell me how long, how long
Do I have to wait
Tell me how long, do I have to wait,
Tell me Babe, tell me Babe, tell me Babe

Refrain 2x:
You better...
You better...
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