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The Way Love Is Lyrics Marques Houston

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Marques Houston - The Way Love Is Songtext

Yeah, you see easy life with love sublime
Bagging for, ooh, yeah
Straight to '
Making up, will make love, ooh
No lies and words, they hiding those, they bagging those
No smile and lies, cuz baby it's just the way love is
Just the way love is
We love each other but we hide each other then we become '.
Yeah, I'm so tired '.
Everything it's alright, everything it's go on the way
I take it once but I always but I always be in the way you re
Ooh, ooh, and we living everything
That's just the way love is
Ooh, ooh, oh yea
Just the way love is, is, is
Baby just the way love is
I ain't go anywhere
Baby it's just the way love is
Just the way, just the way, just the way,
Ooh, ooh just the way love
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
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