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Mr. Lonely Album

Mr. Lonely Lyrics Mark Medlock


Mark Medlock - Mr. Lonely Songtext

Mr. Lonely

I'm not a hero ? no
Who's strong enough?
And I'm not blind to see,
You need my love
But babe, will you love me tomorrow
Will you love me in deep misery
When you leave me in all my sorrows
Can he love you better than me?

I'm Mr. Lonely ? can't you see
I'm just the only ? you and me
We'll stay together - 'till the end of time

I'm Mr. Lonely ? all my live
Only the strong may survive
Is it forever
Or play games with me

Yeah, I'm so lonely ? yeah
Ohhhh don't you know ? no

Love ain't like fashion ? no
It's walking on end
Love is like bashion ? yes
Baby I swear
If I could live here forever
Baby there now live with you
Baby please never say never
Is there anything I can do?


I can't take this pain ? no-no
I'm so lonely


Yeah, Baby I'm so lonely ? yeah
I don't wanna play your games ? oh
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