Get Out of Control (feat. Mario Franca) - EP Album

Get out Lyrics Mario


Mario - Get out Songtext

This used to be a house
Until the walls came tumbling down
Now what we gon do now
With both our feelings hurt,
And words keep blurting out

And somehow we found a way to turn
Love into hate
You can hear the bell ring for the
Final round
It's goin' down!

This ain't love, this ain't human
This ain't real so what the fxck is
We doin'?
And this ain't life, there's much more
To it, This whole situation's ruined

We trapped in and we
Can't get out
We can't get out
We can't get out [x2]

I used to have a heart
Now there's a hole inside of my chest
Cause we're so far apart (yeah)
It's like we ain't the same people
I don't even see you the same (baby)
How we turned kissing into fighting (I don't know)
And we got no umbrella for the rain (yeah)

[Chorus x2]
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