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Holy War Lyrics Manowar


Manowar - Holy War Songtext

Damnation, religion
Salvation, fire
Ans steel
I have seen the fire
Of a thousand suns pass by
While blasphemers spread their gospel
Bearing false witness
Now we rise
All ye children of the wild
Fists like hammers fill the air
Vast legions all immortal
Smash the stillness everywhere
Holy, holy war, holy
We are fighting, fightinga holy war
Holy war
See us fly on winds of doom
Hol ywar
Baptized in fire and steel
Holy war
For the end we bring is soon
Holy war
Now face the storm
A holy war
Brothers of metal know no master
Metal's our religion
Take it to the grave
Rules of the earth
Our down of glory
All reborn, me live again
Hold true, ye sacred army
Our last battle is at hand
Sweep these dogs from our kingdom
Bless this ground, our holy land
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