Make up your mind

The Candyshop Lyrics Make up your mind


Make up your mind - The Candyshop Songtext

Verse 1:
The time stood still, I need to catch my breath,
An adrenaline rush pumping through my head,
I got in fast, like a kid on the run,
On the run from his mother, he's a bad boy,
Now I'm gone with the wind,
Always on watch looking out through a peek hole,
There is no one I can trust to show where I hide,
I got to stay out of side.

Pre chorus:
This might need a little introduction,
For those who've never been here before.

Welcome, come in, come on,
You can do it all in the candyshop,
What we got is going to fill it all up,
Makes you forget who you are,
Get up, get up,
Ain't it nice to go back in time,
When you had no one to hold or to kiss goodbye,
You don't have to fight,
You got to say goodbye,
To everyone you will let down,
To the love of your life.

Verse 2:
My eyes were locked on the candyshop,
A big mistake but she looked so hot,
Got stuck in a nightmare, fell to the floor,
Couldn't be who I was before.
It took me a while
To get back on my feet with style.
How much I already had I still wanted more.
The scars that remain keep out of that store.

Get in, Get out,
Get in, Get out,
Get in, Get out,
Please stop messing around!
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