Superblast! Lyrics Lush


Lush - Superblast! Songtext

me in the world
losing tears, shedding fears
strain for the sun
make you run, make you come

you don't know
you don't know

I'm I nmy home
all the time, on my own
low finger fine
take what's mine, from behind

you don't know
you don't know
it's not there
you don't care

you're still inside of me
beneath the cotton core
my pictures smile at me
and soon they'll rise and soar

fill up my space
turn around, fade and trace
be absolute
blue and white, fatal fruit

she nylon smile
full of lies, shining eyes
cover my grin
take a chance, maybe win

it's not there
it's not fair
you don't know
you don't care
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