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Hoe Lyrics Ludacris


Ludacris - Hoe Songtext

Ho* (Ho)
Youza ho* (Ho)
Youza ho* (Ho)
I said that youza ho* (Ho)
Repeat chorus

You doin' ho* activities
With ho* tendencies
Ho*s are your friends, ho*s are your enemies
With ho* energy to do whatcha do
Blew whatcha blew
Screw whatcha screw
Y'all professional like DJ Clue, pullin' on my coat tail
And why do you think you take a ho* to a hotel?
Hotel everybody, even the mayor
Reach up in tha sky for tha ho*zone layer
Come on playa once a ho* always
And ho*s never close they open like hallways
And here's a ho* cake for you whole ho* crew
And everybody wants some 'cause ho*s gotta eat too

Repeat chorus twice

Can't turn a ho* into a housewife
Ho*s don't act right
There's ho*s on a mission, and ho*s on a crackpipe
Hey ho* how ya doin', where ya been?
Prolly doin' ho* stuff 'cause there you ho* again
Its a ho* wide world, that we livin' in
Feline, feminine, fantastical, women
Not all, just some
You ho* who* you are
There's ho*s in tha room, theres ho*s in tha car
There's ho*s on stage, theres ho*s by tha bar
Ho*s by near, an ho*s by far
Ho! (But can I getta ride?)
No! (C'mon, nigga why?)
'Cause youza

Repeat chorus twice

You gotta run in your pantyhose
Even your daddy knows
That you suckin' down chocolate like daddy-o's
You ho*s are horrible, horrendous
On taxes ya'll writin' off ho*s as dependents
I see tha ho* risin'
It ain't surprisin'
Its just a ho*asis
With ugly chicks' faces
But ho*s don't feel so sad and blue
'Cause most of us niggaz is ho*s too

Repeat cohrus twice

Muthafuckas I'm so tired of y'all niggaz always talkin'
'Bout ho*s this, ho*s that, you tha muthafuckin' ho* nigga
I wasn't no ho* last night

Ho, bring yo as*!

Ok, hold on

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