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The Red Record Album

The Twisting Lyrics Loudermilk


Loudermilk - The Twisting Songtext

Collapse with me under a blood red sea under my tapestry I wove from skylines
And tissue from inside of you and me, this wasn't meant to be
My love will grow these branches and become a tree
I made this sound,
the sound of falling down where your piano drowns with my devotion
I made this for you baby, I'm so into you you're the sugar on my tongue
You're the violent murderous trace in me and the twisting has begun
Forget the sun forget the world above, I'll give you all you need
Ingesting damage but honestly this wasn't meant to be,
but fate comes forcefully
And where you end
and I begin no one can see and sometimes you might panic
For the air as the ocean swims into your lungs and hair
Crush fading drowners start to to tear fading tracing
Baby, I'm so into you
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