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Teenage Nervous Breakdown '69 Lyrics Little Feat


Little Feat - Teenage Nervous Breakdown '69 Songtext

Some contend that rock and roll
Is bad for the body and bad for the soul
Bad for the heart, bad for the mind,
Bad for the deaf and bad for the blind

It makes some men crazy and then they talk like fools
Some men crazy and then they start to drool

When the sky is all cast over, and the stars refuse to shine
Pigs are fallin' in the swamps, the lizard's on the vine
Frank from knees is fallin' fam ba deema quirk
The sky is turning yellow and the birds are fallin' down
When it's several planes of Egypt strikes you in your tracks
Led by sorrow stolen down in East LA
When they keep your spinners and take your tires away
When you get your last presecription from your favorite quack
You know that it is written, you know what it can mean
It's like livin' in an airport underneath a plane
It's like sleepin' on a freeway in the center lane

It's a teenage nervous breakdown
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