Lindsey Stirling

Crystallize Meets Elements Lyrics Lindsey Stirling


Lindsey Stirling - Crystallize Meets Elements Songtext

Okay now let me go in and I'm potent
When I spit flows, yo I never be choking
Why so serious? I'm just joking
With the Joker, and the President and the Pope and
Everybody panic
But I'm on till the morn'
Till I'm fully grown, till I'm in the zone
Till I'm filling up your bandwith
Ha, sicker than your average
Do it like doo! doo!
Yall know what it is
Exactly, I'm in it from the minute that I did with a bit of reinvented,
Keep it copacetic,
Actually, I'm rolling with the tinted
and I gotta show love to my city cuz I know they give it back to me
And I got it like that
You don't want to feel the wrath if I try to fight back
Cuz I attack entire masses
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