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I Want Sex Lyrics Lil Boosie


Lil Boosie - I Want Sex Songtext

When I step off in tha club
Niggas give me daps and hugs
Hoes winking they eye
I know one thing now
They wanna fuck
I living like cuban smoking
Every body know Boo be choking
And all Im asking can I bust that pussy wide open
Can't you tell she caramel wit a smile that'll make you precum
A dime peice who'll jump up on that dick and make Lil B run
She so wet
So wet she make you wet
So wet it's sloppy(sloppy sex)
Shakin when she cummin
Look at this woman
Kissing me on chest I'm tryin stick it in her stomach
Look, lay down let me suck yo titties
Caress them pretty bitches
And shove it in and show you den that I'm tha sickess
And she so special(she so special)
Tha head up on her body make you jump up of the dresser(Love dat Head)
Stop playin girl give me that cat
Before you neva get a phone call
Turn on that Kieth Sweat and let me take yo thongs off

I want sex
Aint tryin be mean
tryin get up in dem jeans(gul)
I want sex
Ima be real man, Im tryin fuck something
I want sex
We gon do it later on anyway
I want sex
I aint tryin be mean
Tryin get up in dem jeans (gul)

Turn around girl from behind
Let me see what mamma gave ya
Let me show tricks that I learned on beach up in Jamaca
Fuck dem hatas (Fuck dem hatas)
Can you get away for a day or two
So I can show you how a playa do
Everybody gon be hatin (hatin)
But Livin lavish
Through the week
Gucci dresses in yo fingas you got carats
Let a savage
And beat that pussy let a nigga
treat that pussy have that pussy far from rookie
And she so wet
Tha bed soakin wet
My head soakin wet
Im pourin down sweatin
Straight to shower for a hour where I take my break
Im Santa Claus and she fenna ride my fuckin sleigh
Now turn around and bend it back
Let me put it in that cat and when I hit it holla me Hatch(Ohh Hatch)

I want sex
Aint tryin be mean
tryin get up in dem jeans(gul)
I want sex
I aint tryin be mean
tryin get up in dem jeans (gul)
I want sex
Ima be real, Im tryin fuck something
I want sex
So wet she got you wet
So wet its sloppy sex

Now she den gave that pussy I think Im pussy wooped
Come home from studio sections she got my meal cooked
Rubbin my chest, combing my hair, smelling like red roses
She say tha shit that lift my spirit make thug focus
Then baby bath water wit a lil alcohol
Then she go and get a movie
We dont watch it all
And she so wet
I feela her comming down(OooH)
I Love the way she sound
She a thug now

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