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I like to be in America Lyrics Leonard Bernstein


Leonard Bernstein - I like to be in America Songtext

I like to be in America,
okay by me in America.
Every thing's free in America,
for a small fee in America!
Girl: I like the city of San Juan.
Boy: I know a boat you can get on.
Girl: Hundreds of flowers in full bloom.
Boy: Hundreds of people in each room!

Automobile in America,
chromium steel in America.
Wire spoke wheel in America,
very big deal in America!
Girl: I'll drive a Buick though San Juan.
Boy: If there's a road you can drive one.
Girl: I'll give my cousins a free ride.
Boy: How you fit all of them inside?

I like the storys in America,
comfort is your's in America.
Knobs on the doors in America,
wall to wall floors in America!
Girl: I'll bring a T.V. to San Juan.
Boy: if there's a current to turn on.
Girl: Everyone there will give big cheer.
Boy: Everyone there will have moved here!

Immigrant goes to America,
many hellos in America.
Nobody knows in America,
Puerto Rico's in America!
Girl: When I will go back to San Juan.
Boy: When will you shut up and get one?
Girl: I'll give them new washing machine.
Boy: What have they got there to keep clean?
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