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Leng Tch'e

The Plastic Motive Lyrics Leng Tch'e


Leng Tch'e - The Plastic Motive Songtext

The Plastic Motive

Genuine or devious, motives tested to the end
Masked intentions overrule any form of trust in me
A preordained psychosis infused to a bitter end
The plastic motive, hypcrite means to and end
Masked emotions destroy social confidence
The plastic motive, emotive bonds a new trend
Masked emotions overrule self esteem'
The plastic motive, hypocrite means to an end
Are they out for information and self enrichment?
Humane masquerade, twisting people at your will
At which cost do you toy with your so called 'friends'?
Solitary confinement, a zero tolerance solution, your kind
Is there a solution for your kind?
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